What lines are on Qatar Rail’s network?

Doha Metro comprises 3 Lines (Red -Gold - Green) serving 37 stations: the Red Line with 18 stations, the Gold Line with 11 stations, and the Green Line with 11 stations.During FIFA World Cup Doha Metro network will be using the entire fleet of 110 Metro trains, all trains in service or on hot standby; Tram will be operated using up to 18 Trams at 7 stations. 

How close are the stations close to the stadiums and other key destinations?

There are five stations located within walking distance, which are: Al Riffa-Mall of Qatar, Education City, Ras Bu Abboud, Sport City and Lusail QNB stations.Al Thumama, Al Janoub and Al Bayt stadiums are connected via the Metro shuttle services.Doha Metro and Lusail Tram will be accessible for all 8 stadiums and most of the Fan Entertainment areas in and around Doha, including FIFA Fan Festival, Souq and Corniche Activation areas.​​​

What is the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram capacity during the World Cup?

The Doha Metro and Lusail Tram are prospected to carry between around 30% and 50% of the fans to and from stadiums.Other means of transport that complement Qatar Rail’s ecosystem of trains and shuttle services are Stadium Express Buses, Karwa Taxis, Hail-riding services, and more. Walking is also expected to be a preferred option for short distances and moving around the stadiums.​​

Are the stations safe?

All stations are equipped with CCTV and a first aid room to maintain the security and safety of all customers. Also Extensive crowd management arrangements outside all stations to ensure safety and network is always operating with maximum capacity, but no overloading happens.​​

How can I ride for free during the World Cup?
From November 10th until Dec 23rd included, the holders of the following accreditations will be entitled to travel for free on Doha Metro & Lusail Tram 
1. Host Country Accreditation (SC staff)
2. FIFA/Q22 Accreditation (with “SUB-CATEGORIES”, e.g. including “MEDIA”)
3. Hayya Digital Cards:​
      • Organizer (Non-Accredited personnel’s - suppliers/volunteers/staff) 
      • VIP
4. Weekly travel pass is also available for purchase at the metro stations 
Can I upgrade my card and use Goldclub Services?

The Gold and family class classification onboard Doha Metro trains will not be available during the world cup and the priority will be given to first-come-first-served.​​​​

Is Qatar Rail accessible to people with special needs?
YES, Qatar Rail is accessible to EVERYONE. All our staff are trained in disability awareness to enable them to provide appropriate help for customers who may require assistance. Services to help those who require assistance include: 
1. Step-free access on all stations 
2. Space for manual and electric wheelchairs on all trains and trams, along with dedicated seating areas for customers with reduced mobility 
3. Dedicated drop-off areas for people with reduced mobility 
4. Tactile paths are provided to assist with navigation for customers with visual impairments 
5. Staff can assist customers on and off the train or tram if they require additional assistance​
Are Wifi services available at stations?

Yes, there is a public Wi-Fi service on all Doha Metro Lines; Red, Green, and Gold to provide passengers with internet access in all stations and on board the trains. Free for the first 30 Minutes. ​​​​

What are the operating hours during the World Cup?
Metro Services will operate from 6 am to 3 am during weekdays and from 9 am to 3 am on Fridays
• All Doha Metro & Lusail Tram stations will close at 3 am, and access will not be permitted afterwards. Please allow extra time to get to the station in time, since you might queue to access.
Is filming allowed at the stations?
Yes, filming is allowed at the stations.If you are using Handheld Media Devices, there is no need for a permit.
If you are using Large Equipment inside the station, you need to obtain a media permit for media activities at internal Media Zones and should have a prior booking before heading to the station. You can also use large equipment for media activities around the station, ie. at External Media Zones with no need for a permit.
What additional facilities/ retail units are available at the stations? What are their operating hours?
There are various facilities and retails in each station that can be found on the below link 
In case of emergency, what should I do?
1. Find the nearest Information Desk 
2. On our stations, on trains and on trams we provide customer emergency call points for use in case of an emergency.
How many bags may I carry onboard the Doha Metro network?
 Each Passenger is not allowed to carry more than one (1) piece of Luggage (not including small bags) being no larger than 85cm X 60cm X 30cm in size.
 For safety reasons, travelers with luggage won’t be allowed on board our trains in busy times. Please plan your trip to the airport ahead of time
 Please refer to Luggage policy and Code of Carriage document.​
Are the trains designed for traveling with children and infants?
• Children below 5 years old do not need a metro card. 
• Children below the age of 9 and infants are not permitted to travel with Doha Metro alone and must be accompanied by a person aged 16 years or above.
• All stations are stroller-friendly; equipped with elevators, wide gates, and wide passages. 
• Carriages have designated seats for parents with babies and parents with strollers.​
Are there any guidelines I should know about before using Qatar Rail?
Each of us has a part to play in providing a great journey experience so we ask that you follow these simple guidelines: 
1. Be always considerate to other customers, including when using your mobile devices
2. Place litter in the bins provided at our stations or take it home to recycle 
3. Do not eat on our trains or trams as we want to avoid strong odors and spills 
4. Drinks are allowed but must be in sealable containers 
5. Smoking is not allowed on our stations, trains, or trams. This includes the use of e- cigarettes 
6. Animals are not allowed on our trains or trams other than assistance animals
7. We have dedicated seats reserved for those with reduced mobility, including the elderly and those carrying small children. Please give up these seats if they are needed
8. We take security seriously and ask all our customers to be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious, please advise a member of our staff as soon as possible