​Qatar Railways company (Qatar Rail), in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality, held a tree-planting event as part of its “Plant a Tree" initiative launched in 2021. 

This initiative aims to plant a tree for every million passenger trips taken by the Doha Metro until 2030.

During the event, which took place in Al Gharrafa Air-Conditioned Park, officials from Qatar Rail and Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality participated in planting 91 trees, representing 91 million passenger trips on the Doha Metro since June 2021.

In the previous year's World Environment Day celebration in 2021, Qatar Rail had planted 28 trees, represented 28 million passenger trips since the launch of the Doha Metro services in May 2019.

On this occasion, Mr. Ajlan Eid Al Enazi, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Qatar Rail, stated, “Year after year, we renew our celebration of World Environment Day, along with our commitment to support and implement sustainable initiatives that raise awareness about environmental issues. Until 2030, we are committed to the implementation of the 'Plant a Tree' initiative, which reflects our dedication and commitment to preserving and improving our environment. It is also a part of our vision to provide sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation and encourage community members to use it."

He added, “We are pleased to collaborate with the Ministry of Municipality to organize this event and plant 91 trees in Al Gharafa Park, representing the number of passenger trips on the Doha Metro since June 2021. Besides their ecological significance, these trees will stand as living witnesses to Qatar Rail's ongoing commitment to environmental preservation, supporting conservation plans, and tree-planting initiatives that aim to enhance environmental sustainability efforts in Qatar."

Qatar Rail works closely with various stakeholders in the country to raise awareness about environmental and sustainability issues, providing opportunities for community members to contribute to building a sustainable future by using eco-friendly transportation options such as Doha Metro, thereby reducing the negative impact of traditional transportation methods.

Through its various initiatives and activities, Qatar Rail plays an important role in Qatari society that extends beyond the company's operational objectives. While continuing efforts to build strategic community partnerships that aim to make a positive social impact, Qatar Rail coordinates with its partners to adopt and implement sustainable social and environmental initiatives that contribute to achieving the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.