​Qatar Railways company (Qatar Rail) has concluded the first course of the “Railway Protection Zone" (RPZ) training program. This program aims to qualify local (Category A) & international engineering consultancy offices in Qatar to become Independent Verification and Validation (IVV) Consultant for RPZ works by third party.

Qatar Rail Technical Interface & Permits Department delivered the certificates of the first training course of IVV Consultant for RPZ works by third party to a number of representatives of engineering consultancy offices who participated in the 3-day course and passed the technical test successfully.

The list of engineering offices that passed the technical test included three local offices: White Young Qatar, Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB), and CICO Consulting Engineers, in addition to two international offices: Arab Consulting Engineers (ACE), Khatib & Alami.

On this occasion, Eng. Hassan Ahmed Al-Marwani, Technical Interfaces Director at Qatar Rail, said: “We are pleased with the success of first course of the RPZ training program. This initiative comes in line our efforts to raise awareness on Qatar Rail's requirements of third-party works within Railway Protection Zone and support the local and international engineering consultancy offices to better understand these requirements and adhere to it".

Al-Marwani added: “Based on this success, we look forward to the participation of more engineering offices in the upcoming courses the RPZ training program. We are working to develop the program and the training materials to cover more activities within RPZ and ultimately ensure the safeguarding of the railway assets. The RPZ is equivalent to the public right-of-way, Qatar Energy ccorridors and any wayleaves provided by the Ministry of Municipality. Appropriate permits for all activities /works within the RPZ are required for any new work".

The RPZ training program provides training materials aimed at raising awareness, introducing Qatar Rail's requirements and standards to work within the railway protection zone, in addition to expanding the scope of railway safety.

At the end of the course, an exam will be held. Attending all training sessions is a compulsory requirement to do the exam. A minimum pass score must be met to be recognised as IVV Consultant for third party's works within RPZ.

Coordination is underway between Qatar Rail and the Engineers & Engineering Offices Accrediting & Classifying Committee at the Ministry of Municipality to add a new specialization for RPZ for engineers who successfully passed the course.

Local (Category A) & international engineering offices in Qatar can participate in the RPZ training program by completing & sending an application to the email For more details on the program please Visit: