​Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) announced that the number of passengers who used Doha Metro since its launch in 2019 until today, has reached 50 million.

These figures emphasized the importance of the pivotal role that Doha Metro is now playing in enhancing the public transport system and facilitating the movement of individuals. It also reflects the growing confidence of citizens, residents, and visitors in Doha Metro services.

Since its launch less than 3 years ago, Doha metro has witnessed a large public turnout by the residents and visitors of Qatar. During the last period, Doha Metro played an important role in the success of organizing major events and hosting various events, especially sports ones.

The plans and operational successes recorded by Doha Metro during the various major events and the other events which hosted by Qatar over the last years contributed to the metro recording high ridership numbers. During the Arab Cup, hosted by the state of Qatar from November 30 to December 18, 2021, Doha Metro received around 2.5 million ridership.

Also, in line with its continuous efforts to provide a comprehensive travel experience, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Doha Metro has been integrated with other modes of transport, including feeder buses services and on demand ridesharing service to and from stations. metrolink and metroExpress services are available at a number of key stations, and new routes are added continuously to cover wider areas.

Qatar Rail in coordination with the Ministry of Transport provides the (park and Ride) service around several stations on different network lines. Most of metro stations also provide parking for bicycles and scooters.

Qatar Rail is currently intensifying its operational preparations for the 2022 World Cup, to ensure a comfortable transportation experience for fans of the tournament, especially since the metro is the fastest way to transport fans between 5 of the eight stadiums that will host the tournament finals.