Qatar Rail demonstrates Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion at Arab Deaf Week Event '

17 May 2023

During Arab Deaf Week on 17th May 2023, Qatar Rail demonstrated its unwavering commitment to accessibility and inclusion by participating in an event organized by the Ministry of Interior's Human Resources Department. The event, themed "The Importance of Modern Technologies in Educating the Deaf," aimed to emphasize the use of advanced technologies to enhance education for the deaf community. At the event, Qatar Rail showcased its dedication to providing individuals with hearing impairments the opportunity to fully enjoy the advantages of public transportation. Through the implementation of modern technologies, the company has transformed the travel experience, ensuring smooth journeys for all passengers. Representatives from Qatar Rail presented a wide array of features and services specifically designed to cater to the needs of customers with disabilities. Qatar Rail is dedicated to ensuring that deaf passengers can navigate its metro and tram networks with ease. The company has implemented various measures to facilitate accessibility throughout its stations. Strategically placed signage displaying important directions and announcements assists individuals with hearing impairments in accessing essential information. Moreover, the Company has provided specialized training to its customer service personnel, enabling effective communication with people with disabilities and enhancing the overall passenger experience. Through this participation Qatar Rail showcased its dedication to providing equal opportunities and ensuring that all passengers can benefit from its transportation systems.